United Arab Emirates

Famed for its sandy beaches, shopping centres, and generous tax-free incomes, for many the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is simply Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But while there are five other emirates that make up the country, it’s unlikely that expats who aren’t involved with the extraction of oil will base themselves in Ajman, Fujairah, Ras […]

Expat Life in Qatar

An abundance of natural resources, coupled with positive political relations with the West has ensured Qatar’s position as a global producer and trader in gas and oil. While the country is working towards diversification of its economy, it’s unlikely to become substantially less reliant on natural resources any time soon. The world’s richest country per […]

Expat Guide to the Middle East

The Middle East is fast becoming one of the most popular regions around the world for people looking to relocate. Drawing together the key elements of wealth, weather and natural resources, people emigrate to the Middle East for a multitude of reasons including employment and retirement. While the Middle East undoubtedly offers great opportunities for […]

Expat Guide to United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, or simply UK for short, boasts a huge wealth of attractions for expatriates, including a strong economy, generous welfare, enviable transport links, cultural diversity, and a wide range of professional opportunities. But perhaps one of the biggest draws for migration to the UK is the primary language being English, and as such […]

Expat Life in Portugal

As the Western most country of mainland Europe, Portugal is sandwiched between the Atlantic and Spain and enjoys a Mediterranean climate that is one of the warmest in Europe. But despite its peripheral location, the country has always been an important member of European politics, and was one of the first members of the eurozone […]

Expat life in Italy

Italy, the Southern European boot-shaped country offers a wide array of landscapes, cities, and climes. The country stretches from the Alps mountain range in the north all the way south to the Mediterranean island of Sicily, passing through the northeastern island city of Venice, over the Apennine Mountains to the southwestern city of Naples, itself […]

Expat Life in Germany

Often considered as the de facto political and financial leader of Europe, Germany is a hugely popular choice for professional expatriates, seeking out a financially secure country with a wealth of opportunities. A founding member of the body that later became the EU, part of the Schengen Area, and a member of the eurozone, through […]

Expat Guide to Europe

Covering a little over 10,000,000 km² Europe is not the largest continent in the world, but in terms of the extremities it offers, it is massively diverse. Europe contains a substantial proportion of the world’s largest economies and in it’s own right has the largest global economy of any of the seven continents. Comprised of […]

Expat Life in Singapore

Famed for its low tax rates on personal income, coupled with exemptions on foreign earnings, Singapore is a popular long-term destination not just with expat professionals, but those seeking favourable terms for their capital too. However, there’s a lot more than just the sovereign city-state’s financial benefits to draw in migrants. As a major global […]

Expat Life in Hong Kong

East meets West in Hong Kong, as the city-state’s Chinese roots combine with it’s past as a British colony to welcome long term visitors and expatriates with a wide range of careers and interests. A hub for international business that has attracted some of the world’s largest and most influential companies and organisations, the city-state […]