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International tax affairs can be complex and ensuring that you are compliant with the Common Reporting Standard as well as cross border tax matters is vital if you hold assets in multiple jurisdictions. Failure to comply with local and international tax rules can result in severe penalties and potentially criminal convictions.

Simply complete the short form below to request a free introduction with an accredited advisor from the Expatriate Services panel of international tax specialists will provide you with clear and concise tax advice tailored specifically to your situation.

Helping you stay compliant with international tax laws and the Common Reporting Standard.

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We will connect you to an international tax specialist who will be able to ensure you are compliant with all elements of the Common Reporting Standard and multi-jurisdictional cross border tax affairs.

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Our hand selected UK tax experts offer an initial free consultation lasting around 15 minutes to provide trustworthy answers to your general questions.

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If you decide you need further assistance or paid service after your free consultation has been conducted, all potential charges and services will be clearly explained so that you can make the decision to proceed or not based on what works for you.

There is no sales push and you are under no obligation to follow up with paid services following the consultation if they are not required.

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What expats say about our experts

The advisor was excellent in giving clear and useful advice. I have already recommended him to another friend who is an international teacher who is seeking to invest her money.

Seema M.

QROPS introduction in Hungary

Contact was fast. Initial consultation was informative and helpful. The consultant was very personable, listened to my questions and was thoughtful and thorough in his responses. In a forum such as this, the consultant must convince the client that they are trustworthy and knowledgeable; The consultant I spoke with did that!

Lucy P.

Pensions introduction in United States

The referral by Expatriate Services led me to a couple of advisers that provided exactly what I required. The adviser clarified what would be best for me as an individual with limited understanding of pension transfer implications and confirmed that I was correct in stepping away from what had been put in front of me by previous cold-callers.

Mark S.

Pensions introduction in North America

I was very pleased with the resources made available to me via Expatriate Services and will likely move forward with accounting services they referred me to. An impressive and helpful free service.

Julia H.

UK tax return introduction in United Kingdom