Let us help you find an English speaking independent financial adviser

One of the toughest tasks when choosing a financial adviser is knowing which you can trust and which you can’t.

Not only that, when you’re living abroad you also need one which either speaks English fluently, or better still, is actually British themselves – otherwise you stand the chance of losing something in translation and inadvertently making a poor decision.

We can help make this happen

How we will help

  • Based on your information we will select the best British independent financial adviser from our network
  • They will conduct a free, no obligation initial consultation with you to see if and how they can help
  • They will present you with a range of options to meet your financial goals
  • We will follow up to ensure that the adviser offered independent advice and did not pressure you into making a decision

How we help people find your perfect English speaking financial adviser

Most of us appreciate that nothing is ever for free, so when it comes to choosing the right English speaking financial adviser there are many factors which you need to take into consideration.

Our background is a mixture of different kinds of professional services, but primarily English speaking financial advisers. Over the years we’ve met many good and bad financial advisers and our experience enables us to sort the wheat from the chaff and create our unique network of English speaking financial advisers spanning the world.

While we offer no financial advice ourselves, we are completely independent and have no affiliation with any specific financial adviser.

Our purpose is simply to remove the initial pain of sifting through thousands of financial advisers by listening to your needs and then using our network to match you with a financial adviser. While we can never offer guarantees that any financial advice will be perfect, we endeavour to help you increase the chance of getting better advice about how to manage your finances.

Request advice from an adviser in our network

When you submit your details, our adviser will offer advice which is always tailored to your particular circumstances and typically covers:

  • A detailed assessment of your current UK residency status, including recommendations on how you could reduce your tax burden
  • A full analysis of your financial situation in your country of residence, including a review of your pensions, income and investments
  • Advice on how to apply any relevant double tax treaties
  • Identify opportunities on how to tax efficiently structure any income and gains you receive
  • Options and recommendations how to tax efficiently manage your financial assets, whether in the UK or offshore
  • Opportunities to reduce the inheritance tax exposure on your estate

Your initial consultation is free and could show you how you could maximise your income, reduce your tax bill, as well as help you prepare for forthcoming regulatory changes.

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