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Whether you have a simple or complex situation that you need some assistance with, our experts should be able to help.

Since 2012, Expatriate Services has provided an introduction service helping over 30,000 expats living around the world, including non-British expats living in the UK.

Our network has developed over the years enabling us to select from a hand-picked network of consultants covering a wide range of expertise and specialisms.

Whatever your situation, we believe we can introduce you to someone who can help and hopefully answer your questions during a free consultation lasting between 15 and 30 minutes.

Popular questions and subjects the free consultation can address:

  • Tax returns
  • Capital gains tax enquiries
  • Double tax treaties
  • What is my residency status?
  • What kind of Will do I need?
  • Financial planning
  • Retirement planning and pensions
  • Pension transfers
  • Lump sum investments
  • Small, regular investments
  • Mortgages in multiple jurisdictions
  • Buying, selling, renting property
  • US expat tax and financial matters, including FATCA services
  • Multi-jurisdictional estate planning
  • Local tax matters
  • Portuguese Non-Habitual Residence Scheme
  • Non-dom tax affairs, including mixed funds cleansing
  • US/UK dual-citizen tax matters including being an accidental American

While most of the general questions across these subjects can usually be covered within the free consultation, you may need to follow up with additional chargeable services to fully answer your questions or provide peace of mind, but this will always be advised to you in advance to allow you to decide whether to go ahead.

At no stage are you obliged to use the professional services of the consultant or organisation that has conducted your free consultation, but they will be happy to provide you with a fee quotation and an explanation of how their services work if you wish.

Once you have submitted your details, we will evaluate and select the most suitable consultant or organisation and then email you with their details within 24 hours and the consultant will then contact you directly within the next couple of working days.

We will not use your personal information for any other purpose, neither will we pass your information to anybody else without your express permission in accordance with our privacy policy.

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